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Google's Real-Time Analytics: Watch Marketing Reactions Live

Published January 8th, 2015 by Admin

This technology can help you make your website compatible with its respective market, leading to traffic that can actually be lucrative, rather than attempting to get the most random traffic possible, which could lead to higher server cost for no appreciable gain.

Social media is a cornerstone of a successful online marketing campaign. Using Google Analytics, you can now look at the correlation between social media and your site, and see if you need more or less of it.

You can also see these social media impacts right as they happen. For example, if you post a link on your company’s Twitter page, you can watch as users come in specifically from that link. Again, this is all in real time, so you can tell exactly when visitors come through to your site.

These analytics from Google give you access to where your customers are, how frequently they visited, the times visited, and so much more about your site. You can therefore get an idea of what is working and what is not working in terms of marketing for your company. Using these, you can optimize your website for commerce.

It is not necessary to force traffic all at once to view where it is coming from. You can simply leave the Google Analytics service running and check back in at the end of the day. Still, all of the information enumerated above will be in analytics program, and you can view all of it from the entire day!

These analytics services from Google are not simply for marketing purposes, however. They can be used for an array of other functions, such as viewing how your server performs at peak hours, so you can assess whether an upgrade will be necessary for faster-loading pages.

By using these, you could find that your server is fine for most of the day until a certain point, when it seems to get overwhelmed with traffic. If this is the case, a new hosting environment will be necessary (check out our offerings at EndLayer!).

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