Retargeting / Remarketing

Refocus your marketing on the audience that cares. Who cares about your product, anyway? If you could figure out the answer to that question, you’d see a significant uptick in ROI! That’s why re-targeting, or re-marketing, services are so crucial.

Re-targeting allows you to maximize your campaign performance with personalized ads that target interested viewers – and re-engage site abandoners. This digital marketing strategy is designed to increase conversion rates by tracking site visitors via cookies. Our experienced team creates personalized, dynamic ads, delivered directly to audiences who are the most likely to buy. Engage consumers who are ready to make a decision, and get the highest returns.

Our retargeting services include:

-  Site-based, search, email and CRM retargeting

-  Comprehensive social media-based campaigns

-  Search retargeting (showing customized ads to users based on individual search terms)

-  Dynamic retargeting (analyzes users’ past behavior to show them more effective ads)

-  Fully managed solutions

-  Comprehensive reports and updates

-  Custom dashboard that allows you to review campaign status

Are you ready to reshape your marketing strategy by reaching audiences who are already near the bottom of the purchase funnel? Talk to us here and we’ll help you get started.