Google Analytics Integration

Who’s visiting your site, and where are they coming from? And how can you tap into those numbers to understand your site performance and increase ROI? Our web analytics team offers invaluable insight into your data, performance and conversions – analyzing primary traffic sources, most commonly-used search engines and top keywords to give you the big picture.

Google Analytics is a great tool – but you’ve got to know how to use it. Thanks to custom tracking reports mined from key performance data, our experienced team can actually leverage web analytics to increase clicks and conversions. More data for us means more dollars for you.

Our Google Analytics services include:

-  Custom, comprehensive tracking of all online marketing – including search engine, referring website, search keyword and keyword phrase tracking

-  Conversion funnel and goal tracking

-  Mobile device tracking (for tablets, smartphones, etc.)

-  Custom dashboards

-  SEO and PPC campaigns (read more about our search engine marketing services here)

-  Internal site search tracking services

-  Complete setup, configuration and management

-  24/7 monitoring with regular updates and progress reports

Don’t forget, we don’t just collect this data – we interpret it and put it to work to increase your bottom line. Are you ready to start getting measurable value out of Google Analytics? Click here to talk to us.